Platinum Hydro Builder Post workout Protein Supplements


Platinum Hydro whey is the most advanced whey protein, which helps in the enhancement of your overall workout performance. This pinnacle of protein is made entirely with ultra-pure Whey Protein Isolates which have been Hydrolyzed to break larger proteins down into smaller pieces. Hydrolysing supports the protein get into your system rapidly, so your muscles can start improving from heavy exercise. Platinum Hydro Whey proteins are naturally-occurring dairy protein fractions that promote strong immunity, efficient muscle recovery and extend the overall benefits of physical activity.

Whey protein with creatine comes loaded with rich quality whey protein. Presence of creatine in this supplement can help you gain more strength than regular whey protein. This protein supplement prevents muscle breakdown and stimulates the synthesis of proteins in muscles. Rich in protein and creatine, this supplement is best to enhance your workout performance. Including whey protein with creatine in your diet may help you strengthen your muscles and stay energised post workout. It also helps in recovering fast from muscle soreness and fatigue after strenuous workouts.

Platinum Hydrobuilder is instantized, so it always mixes up completely and easily. Simply add 1 scoop of Platinum Hydrobuilder to a blender, shaker cup or glass filled with 8 fl oz of cold water, milk, or your favorite beverage and blend, shake, or stir for 20-30 seconds or until powder is dissolved.

For healthy adults, consume enough protein to meet your daily protein requirements with a combination of high protein foods and protein supplements throughout the day as part of a balanced diet and exercise program.

All-In-One Muscle-Building Support Complex

  • Premium Staged-Protein Blend
  • – Fast-Acting Hydrolyzed Protein Hydrowhey
  • – Slow Digestin Micellar Occuurring and Added Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) for Recovery & Rebuilding
  • 5 Grams of Micronized Creapure Creatine Monohydrate to Help Support Lean Body Mass
  • Micronized Amino Acid Matrix

Health Benefits of Whey Protein with Creatine

Protects Muscle and Increases Lean Muscles

Protein forms the major part of our muscles. The combination of whey protein with creatine helps to provide relief to the muscle tissues and act to preserve the muscles. Consuming whey protein with creatine double the benefits, saves money and delivers pure form. It protects you from the muscles from getting degraded due to heavy workouts. Whey protein also adds on to the muscle mass, while keeping your muscles lean. This gives you a lean muscular physique by preventing muscle loss during your workouts.
Improves the Immunity and Energy Levels

Consuming whey protein with creatine helps to boost your immune strength and keeps you protected from various diseases. It protects you from getting prone to several infections. It also enhances your energy level and stamina to help you stay energetic throughout the day. This improves your workout performance and helps you achieve better results.

Better Muscle Recovery

Whey protein with creatine provides protein in its pure form to the muscles. This combination helps muscle tissues and repair the muscles damaged due to fatigue and soreness. Therefore, it is preferred as a post-workout supplement to recover from damaged muscles and gain energy back.


Whey protein with creatine is a combination, which comes loaded with the benefits of both whey protein with creatine It is the preferred choice of most bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts as it helps to provide rapid and effective health benefits and saves you money by providing benefits of two different elements into one. It is available in different flavours to suit the taste of everyone.