Vitaminhaat – A Modern Herbal Formula of Calcium

Calcium Tablet
CalcifleX Calcium Tablets CCM formula with Vitamins d3, K2-7(MK7), Magnesium & Zinc for men, woman

Vitaminhaat is one of the most prominent companies for promoting the health and wellbeing products to the finest. The products and wellness products delivered by the company has gone through the total quality assessments by a team of experts from health and beauty, dietary supplements along with the nutrition, Ayurveda and herbal industry.        

The supplements are prepared with the help of modern science technology along with the authentic tests run by European and American Labs.

Most importantly, products and services on or through this website are safe for both the genders and elderly for consuming.

The nutritional supplements and ayurvedic herbal formulas are today catering to the daily needs of the people by supplying their best products from the past 15 years.

  • Vitaminhaat Calciflex is an advance calcium formula that contains Calcium Citrate Malate (CCM).
  • It also contains other essential ingredients like Vitamin K2-MK7, vitamin D3.
  • The inevitable importance of calcium is now actively present in this supplement. And also the accretive minerals: phosphorous, zinc, and magnesium that help in strengthening of bones & increasing bone density are also available in a balanced manner.
  • Vitaminhaat Calciflex is formulated with the CCM that optimizes the three form of calcium to maximize the bone-building.
  • These bone health supplements are an important source of calcium as well as phosphorus that boosts the optimal absorption, transport, and utilization of calcium.
  • Calciflex is an important source of calcium zinc magnesium that uses a micronized and microencapsulated form of the vitamin that improves the lost progress of the intestine digestion and support the overall functioning of the bone framework.
  • Calcium supplement is important for maintaining strong bones, along with vitamin D for protecting your body against cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Importance of the Calcium Supplement

This supplement combines vitamins and other minerals that focus on dietary or health-related concerns.

  • The supplements help in receiving the correct amount of calcium in our body that benefits all age and gender category for building weak and brittle bone structure.
  • The bone density is ensured with a good intake of calcium products in the daily diet. And it is somehow important for us to include calcium enriching heart rhythm, muscle function, and more.
  • Calcium supplements are healthy for women as they help in preparing her body to fight against breast cancer premenopausal women.
  • People who are involved in the vegan diet or are lactose intolerant can always take supplements for decreasing the risk of calcium deficiency.
  • Calcium supplements can help in filling the gap of joint pain support.
  • These calcium tablets for woman/men together may improve bone density & strength.
  • Patent-pending calcium formula is used to prepare these tablets to improve the absorption of 600-mg calcium by our body.
  • These supplements are the marker for improving inflammation, insulin and triglyceride levels and also improvise the metabolism rate of pregnant women.
Calcium Tablets for men

Whether you are male or female nowadays calcium supplements are very important in filling the void. So, it does become important for us to consult our nutritionists and the medical experts before including any does in our daily routine.

When calcium supplement comes with such a trusted brand then, why to think before placing your order with Vitaminhaat , Amazon , Flipkart .

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