Simple weight loss hacks

weight loss

weight loss seems easy but It is not. When it comes to weight loss, a restricted calorie diet and exercise is a key to success. But if you believe in starving yourself and skipping meals is absolutely a bad idea! Instead you must try to incorporate healthy meals into your daily meal plan. Here are some diet hacks for an effective weight loss and for healthier you:

weight loss

Eat whole fruits instead of juices for weight loss

If you are thinking that drinking fruit juice will help you lose weight fast, no! Fruit juices are less healthier than the whole fruit. They are not nutritionally equivalent to the whole fruit because the pulp and the skin is removed from the juice which are excellent sources of dietary fiber. Also, drinking fruit juices can lead to the spike in blood sugar level. Thus, choose whole fruit instead of a fruit juice.

weight loss hacks

Manage your meal portions for weight loss

Often we end up eating the large meal just because we are really very hungry. This may lead to excess calorie intake and unnecessary weight gain. Once you practice portion control, not only will you lose weight and keep the access calories away, but also you will be able to maintain the lost weight.

Hungry OR Thirsty? Find the answer

If you are experiencing bouts of hunger in between your meals or while watching your favourite movie, it is normal. These hunger episodes can cause high calorie intake and weight gain. So, before eating anything in that time just grab a glass of water which will not only quench your thirst but also help you maintain the satiety levels


Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated can make you lose weight easily. It helps the heart to pump the blood easily to the muscles which helps in weight loss. Drink water before meals which will help you in eating optimal portions of food and drink water after 10 minutes of consuming meals which will help you digest and absorb the essential nutrients.

keto diet

Exercise more often or increase the intensity for weight loss

Boost up your exercise routine, because your metabolism rate slows down once you start losing some weight increasing the intensity of your workout will help you maintain your metabolic rate. 


Sleep Well

Your sleep cycle plays an important role in the weight loss journey. It is not only important for your mental health but also important for your mental health and your emotional health. Not getting enough sleep may lower your metabolic rate. Therefore, it is important to get proper sleep for weight loss.

The Bottom Line

Weight loss is simple, just not easier. Whatever you follow, do it 100% so that it will help you achieve a healthier version of yourself! To get your personalized diet plan consult our nutritional expert today!