Senna Tea Uses, Benefits & Dosage – Tips To Reduce Weight

senna tea

Senna Tea

Dieter’s teas, which comprise senna tea, are promoted toward those looking to lose weight. These teas aren’t the best or securest way to reach your weight-loss targets, but, because there are possible risks to using them that may not be clear from reading the package.

What is Senna?

From the Latin, cassia angustifolia, senna alexandrina, cassia accutifolia, senna can be indicated to as cassia sena, cassia marilandica, wild senna plant. With over 250 species of senna, the two widely exported varieties are cassia accutifolia &  cassia angustifolia. This herb innate to the Middle East, Asia and Africa but certain species may also found in the US, in a more temperature climate.

Senna Tea & Weight Loss

Senna is an herb. The leaves & the fruit of the plant are used to make medicine. Senna is a product permitted to use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a purge. As such, weight loss you attain because of senna tea is probable due to water weight rather than fat. It means that as soon as you rehydrate yourself after the senna tea has worked its way over your system, the weight will come right back. It isn’t a healthy weight-loss product.

In order to lose something, you’ll need to produce a calorie deficit by eating less or doing workout more. Each pound equals around 3,500 calories, so to lose around a pound per week you’ll require to eat 500 fewer calories per day. Creating a greater calorie deficit will speed up weight loss, but men shouldn’t go below 1,800 calories per day and women require at least 1,200 calories daily to reduce the risk of unpleasantly affecting their metabolism and making weight loss harder.

Recommended dosage?

Senna leaves have been used as a laxative at doses of 0.6 to 2 g/day, with  everyday dose of sennoside B from 20 to 30 mg. The brand Senokot is available in 8.6 and 17.2 mg tablets.

Methods To Use Senna Tea

To be on the safe side, you may take Senna tea to supplement the weight loss procedure. However, you must to learn how to use it accurately.

  1. You can find many variations of Senna tea leaves in the market today. You will find it in numerous natural food supplies. A lot of online shops also retail these products. Confirm you purchase a decaffeinated blend. This will not affect your sleeping forms.
  2. At start, you will require to boil some water. Place the tea bags comprising Senna tea in boiling water. Few people use lemon juice to add to the flavor. You may also add a little drops of honey to it for the same purpose.
  3. You can drink Senna tea two times a day for actual results.
  4. When you drink Senna tea, eat the accurate foods for highest effects. You should preferably eat foods like chicken, green salads, fish and fruits. Drinking lots of water all over the day is also essential. This will improve the digestion method.
  5. Working out while you drink Senna tea is sensible. There is no formula, but 30 minutes of workout per day should be beneficial.

Potential Senna Tea Risks

Using senna tea to aid with weight loss may produce constipation, make you reliant on laxatives or dehydrate you. Consuming too much senna in one day could cause symptoms of a laxative overdose, like diarrhea, bloody stools and pain in the abdomen.. Consult with your doctor formerly using senna for any purpose, as it may interact with some medications, including blood thinners, birth control pills and diuretics. Pregnant women shouldn’t use senna.


Case reports of senna toxicity are available and comprise coma and nerve damage after digestion of a senna-combination laxative, as well as liver injury after long-term use of the plant.

A Healthier Alternative

If you enjoy drinking tea & are seeing for one that may help somewhat increase your weight-loss outcomes, consider consuming green tea. Study published in Physiology & Behavior in 2008 found that people who drank green tea lost down more weight over the course of the 12-week study than those who followed the similar diet but didn’t drink green tea. Green tea may benefit speed up metabolism & rise fat burning because of the mixture of beneficial plant chemicals called catechins and caffeine it comprises.


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