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Brahmi Oil

Brahmi oil is a herb mixture of the Brahmi herb in any base oil. Actually, there are two herbs which are recognized as Brahmi. Usually both of them are used to make this herbal oil. Brahmi oil has been used since olden times to improve hair growth. It is also a nervous tonic for the mind and the nervous system when massaged onto the scalp. Brahmi oil benefits deals many powerful health advantages.


This herbal oil is made from one or both the Brahmi herbs. These are as follows:

  • Bacopa Monnieri– This herb progresses memory and cognitive function. It also has neuroprotective effects.
  • Centella Asiatica–  This herb is normally known as Gotu Kola. It may have health advantages in preventing cancer.

The herb leaves are gathered and simmered in a base oil. Due to slow boiling, the oil solvable nutrients pass into the oil. It is filtered after a particular time to create Brahmi Oil. These are the normally used base oils.

  • Butter Oil – Ghee is conventionally used to extract Brahmi oil.
  • Sesame Oil – This oil is valued in Ayurveda and is usually used to prepare Brahmi oil.
  • Coconut oil – This oil is also used for making Brahmi Oil.

The herb Amla is used in few products to make Amla – Brahmi oil. Amla, is a usual Indian fruit famous for preventing the hair from hair fall and early greying.

Brahmi Essential oil

This is an vital oil obtained from vapor refinement of Bacopa monnieri leaves. It is a much stronger oil, and can be used as a few drops in base oils, like olive, sesame and coconut oils.

Color and Aroma

It is a deep greenish blue colored oil. The herbal imparted oil has a weak foggy smell. The essential oil has a much robust fragrance.

Brahmi oil Benefits

Brahmi oil can be used for various health conditions.

1. As a Hair Oil

Brahmi oil is one of the greatest natural medicines for slow hair growth and other hair situations. It is smeared directly on the hair as a leave in conditioner, or as a hot oil scalp massage. When this oil is applied, it makes cold the scalp and offers relief from itching & annoyance. It relieves the scalp and progresses the condition of hair in a few weeks.

Brahmi oil, if applied habitually every night, helps to ease a lot of hair troubles. This easy massage done on the scalp done by brahmi oil benefits to:

  • Increase the hair by refilling the hair roots,
  • Restrain and decrease the creation of split ends and averts the occurrence of dandruff by decreasing scalp discomfort and declining the formation of flakes
  • It avoids hair fall. Regular application of Brahmi oil can improve hair growth. Brahmi oil benefits for people who want to quicken their hair growth.
  • It boosts hair roots by delivering them nutrition and antioxidant protection from free radicals
  • It averts early greying of hair, particularly in mixture with Amla.
  • Decreases dandruff
  • Reduce flakiness on scalp

2. Benefits to revitalise the scalp

A warm Brahmi oil massage of the scalp benefits to offer nourishment and also acts as a energizing agent and a stimulant.

Side Effects, Safe Dosage and Toxicity Problems

This oil is only for topical use and not intended for oral ingestion. Brahmi oil can slight side effects, like nausea and vomiting if consumed. However, the oil may be serious in great dosages. The herb Bacopa monnieri has an LD 50 of 2400 mg/kg which is the fatal dosage.

There is no records about the interfaces of medicine with brahmi, or its oil. So, one should refer the doctor before using this herbal oil through a healing period.

Nutritional and Medicinal Report

Brahmi oil comprises the nutrients from both the herbs, Gotu Kola & Bacopa if it is made from both of them. It also offers nourishment from the carrier oil, like sesame oil. The fatty acids & nutrients in carrier oil can improve the assimilation and transportation of particular nutrients from the herb. This mode they work in interaction.

The nutrition delivered by Brahmi oil derives from the nutrients in the herb. In this respect, maximum of the health advantages are due to the herb Bacopa monnieri.

  • Bacosides– a sequence of saponins. These are the class of mixtures which are responsible for the effects of Brahmi oil on the mind and nervous system.
  • Alkaloids– This contains brahmine, the common nicotine and herpestine.
  • Flavoneslike apigenin.
  • D-mannitol, a very beneficial compound. Used to decrease intercranial
  • Cucurbitacin– sour mixture usually seen in pumpkin family.
  • Hersaponin– exerts several pharmacological effects on the nervous system.
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