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The children will be more focussed when the glucose level in the body is optimum. Eating spinach and kale can prevent dementia in later life. Children in their developing years need proper food for their overall growth as well as for their brain power development. The foods consumed by children affect their education skills and improves their ability to concentrate. Studies have found that food containing essential nutrients and vitamins has the ability to boost the brain power. Here are some tasty and perfect Superfoods that will energize the kid’s brain for learning activity. These foods will ensure the proper working of the brain even in future years.

Brain Power

Top Health Foods That Can Help Improve Brain power

Whole Grains

They are a rich source of complicated carbohydrates and hence helps to support an even glucose level in the blood throughout the day. The children will be more focussed when the glucose level in the body is optimum. This will help the brain power to get the energy needed for proper working. Children will have better motor coordination when they have complex carbohydrates.


Berries like blueberries and strawberries are high in antioxidants. This food will increase the memory power and the vitamin C present in the berries will improve the immune system as well. The antioxidants prevent the oxidative stress on brain power function.


Eggs contain protein and nutrients like omega -3 fatty acid, choline, Zinc and lute in. These foods are necessary for brain development and function. Choline present in egg is vital for the formation of memory stem cells. The more the stem cells, the better will be the brain power. Choline rich foods promote memory cell production throughout the childhood.

Brain Power


Yoghurt is a beneficial source of protein, fat and vitamin B. The fat present in yoghurt is very necessary for brain health. This fat keeps the brain cell membranes flexible and helps in sending and obtaining information by the brain cells.

Brain PowerFish

Fish is an excellent brain food as it contains omega 3s and vitamin D. These contents protect the cognitive ability and prevent the memory loss. Fish like salmon, sardine, mackerel and tuna are rich sources of omega 3. The kids will be able to focus better if their brain receives a good quantity of omega 3.

Nut Butters

It contains good fats which are necessary for the overall growth and brain power. Natural butter which is devoid of trans fats such as peanut butter; cashew and almond are rich in healthy fats.


Water is a perfect food for children. They drink very little water and this can affect the proper brain function.


Greens are rich in vitamins and folic acid. because eating spinach and kale can prevent dementia in later life. Sulforaphane, a molecule present in kale helps in detoxifying the body so,  its promotes the growth of new brain cells.

Brain PowerOatmeal

Oatmeal is rich in fiber and protein and helps to keep the arteries of the brain and heart clear. It found that children who eat oatmeal were better at memory tasks and map skills. Oatmeal digests slowly and provides the kids with a steady supply of energy for a long time.

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Brain Power
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