Healthy Food for the Liver


Liver is the second largest organ in the human body hence we should eat healthy food for the liver. It has many crucial functions to play in the body including the detoxification of toxins from the body, fighting infections, managing cholesterol levels and improving digestion. Whatever we consume, everything passes through the liver and that is why it is really essential to take care of your liver health and eat healthy food for the liver.

Here are the simple ways to maintain your liver health:

Limit the alcohol intake

healthy food for the liver

We all know that alcohol consumption is bad for our health. It can damage or destroy the liver cells and can scar the liver. The liver can process very less amount of alcohol at times and when one consumes too much of alcohol it is left unprocessed in the bloodstream by the liver. And then the alcohol from the bloodstream starts causing damage to the body and this can result in liver cirrhosis, alcoholic liver disease and liver cancer. Thus it is really important for your liver to limit the alcohol consumption.

Consume Balanced Diet

healthy food for the liver

Incorporate fibers in your diet in the form of fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and cereals. Try to eat smaller portions of food at times. Avoid consumption of high calorie meals, refined carbohydrates, saturated fats and sugar to maintain liver health. Small amount of meat and low fat dairy also one can incorporate in their diet. Incorporate fat in the form of monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fatty acids from nuts, fatty fish, seeds and vegetable oils. 

Be active and eat healthy food for the liver

diet plan

Being active always comes in our every preventive list. But, a friendly reminder to all the readers to be active everyday. Studies show that Physical activity is just not important to maintain weight, it is also important to fight against Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). If currently you are not doing any physical activity, start with it gradually and increase it to at least 50minutes every day.

Stay Hydrated and Consume healthy food for the liver


Studies have observed that sugary or caffeinated drinks can increase the risk of NAFLD instead of water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water as it helps to flush out the toxins from your body.

Supplement if needed


It is really difficult to live a toxin-free life. So, it is essential to take care of your health. These are the below supplements you can use to maintain your liver health:

  • Milk Thistle: It is the most popular supplement to take care of your liver. It works as a gatekeeper and protects the liver from free radicals and toxins. It also helps to reduce inflammation, and can help in the treatment for liver diseases.
  • NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine): NAC is scientifically proven to support and protect your liver health and can also promote better health, strong immunity and better energy. NAC can boost the glutathione production in the body which is an important and abundant antioxidant.  
  • Curcumin: Curcumin also can help to support a healthy response by the liver to the inflammation. 

The Bottom Line

Liver is the second largest organ in the body and to take care of the liver health we need incorporate the below tips:

  • Limit Alcohol Content
  • Consume Balanced Diet
  • Be Active
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Supplement if needed

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